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Weatherproof your experience, enjoy our movie marquee, choose from our large or small option ( large pictured) and watch your movie, sporting event or concert at anytime of the day or night. Our blackout marquee enables us to bring the joy of the big screen to your home or garden anytime of the day or year!

This addition to your big screen experience enables you to not only weatherproof your event but is perfect for kid's parties, or to watch your favourite team with your chosen 6.

All packages come delivered, set up and collaborated with your chosen media device. ( delivery charges apply)


Our Gear:

All our packages include our 5500 ANSI lumin Superbright HD projector, 150" inflatable cinematic screen, and a choice of a high quality speaker system including subwoofer ( for the ultimate sound experience) or our wireless HD sound quality headphones.

The Film

Session Event Hire provide the equipment and expertise to bring cinema experiences to private home screenings.  We do not provide the film or movie rental service. Please note all packages provide all the cabling to connect into YOUR own DVD player, Laptop, Sky /Cable box or games console – if you would like for Session Cinema Hire to provide the body to play films ( DVD player, Laptop) please ask for an additional quote. For commercial, non-private, public screenings, licensing may be required, including but not limited to TEN (Temporary Events Notice) PPL, PRS and permissions from FilmBank or MPLC. Session Cinema Hire can advise at the time of booking. The cost of licensing is not included in the prices shown above.

Movie Marquee exterior.png

Our Packages:

Small Movie Marquee: based on 6 people ( suitable for up to 10)

1 night hire set up from 3,30pm

- Projector (5500 lumen HD quality)

- 100" screen

- High Powered Speaker System with Subwoofer. 

-High-back movie chairs, why not upgrade to double inflatable sofas and sumptuous throws and blankets - not forgetting hot water bottles

- Full set up , user instructions and calibration of system


Large Movie Marquee: £450 suitable for up to 15

Please note that delivery must be quoted for with all packages.

Add either:

The Nom Noms

- Retro popcorn maker, popcorn holders, a selection of pick n mix with retro sweetie bags, kilner jars & straws and retro drinks jug, props, personalized movie sign, intermission trays. Based on 6 


Wireless Headsets: x6                                                                                  


-Additional wireless headsets from £5 per set

-Additional Nom Noms: from £5 per person

-Additional Snug(Seating & Blankets): from £7.50 per person


All packages comply with our strict COVID 19 event procedure policy, for further details please click here.

Upgrades & Add Ons:

- Warm White Festoon garden lighting

- Additional nights hire 

- Outdoor impact garden lighting

- Party Dome - perfect for your bar or dinner !

- Laptop to play your choice of films

- Blue-ray DVD player

Get in Touch

We understand that each event, party or wedding is different.

Don't stress, just pick up the phone and call us on 01483 811137 to chat through your needs, we are here to help!

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