Covid 19

Session Hire Covid 19 guidelines:

  1. We will minimising contact during deliveries wherever possible.

  2. Where possible and safe, we will have single workers load or unload vehicles.

  3. Where possible, we will use the same pair of people for loads where more than one is needed.

  4. We will minimising the contact during delivery, for example, by calling to inform of our arrival rather than ringing the doorbell.

  5. We will minimise the contact during payments and exchange of documentation, for example, using electronic payment methods and electronically signed and exchanged documents.

  6. We will ask for clear access to your garden or outside space, meaning that all gates, doors should be left open and clear. We will contact you 15 mins prior to our arrival and ask that the site is clear of any obstructions or objects this may include garden or interior furniture. We ask that any power / extension leads are run prior to our arrival.

  7. During all site visits we will wear approprate PPE to protect our staff and you. This will include masks if social distancing cannot be maintained, gloves where approprate.

  8. All our deliveries will be on a single route and no address or venues will be on the same route

  9. All staff clothing will be freshly laundered for each delivery

  10. All equipment will be cleaned and sanitised before delivery and again once set up and delivered to location

  11. For all internal hires we ask that the venue is kept free from any other members of the household and that all doors are opened and access is clear

  12. We accept no responisbility for any failure to abide by the above

  13. If any members of your household are showing any symptoms of Covid19 please phone immediately and inform us so that we can look to rearrange your booking

  14. We ask that all headphones, blankets, popcorn holders, kilner jars are all placed back into their boxes before collection to avoid undue contact with equipment

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