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Session music wasn’t born out of a pandemic, our cinema and party dome venture was.

Our original business session music was founded by Steve’a father over 30 years ago, who having moved out from London 18 years ago to Normandy in Surrey grew the business from a music shop to venue sound & light installations, DJ equipment, karaoke, sound and light retail.

The pandemic hit & our business changed.

Take you back to 23rd March 2020 at 8.37pm and our little daughter was born and we became a family of 4, in a very different world, a world of lockdown and closed venues and no group gatherings or parties - our business had to evolve.

So we rose to the challenge and decided with newborn baby in tow and a very energetic 4 year old to evolve our business into our passion of film and rather awesome parties!

From this our luxury home cinema & party dome experiences were born.

Fast forward a year, and we aren’t stopping, we have so much more to come & we will not let a pandemic beat us.

Thank you for all your support and watch this space for more exciting immersive movie experiences.


Steve & Jo


The Small Details

We understand that visualising what you need can be tricky, that is why our team are available to talk you through every step of your event, while our Ops Team will offer suggestions and technical solutions for your party.


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