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The Experience that Can't be named

Enter the great hall with our 200" superscreen welcoming new muggles into the Great Hall, then take them on a journey to Dumbledors office, and finally the Gryffindor common room.


Say 'Lumo' in front of Platform 9 3/4 before you get your butterbeer and sweets from honeydukes, then settle down to watch your favourite Potter film or two.


Each muggle has a robe, LED wand and tie for the duration of the experience. Honeydukes provide, popcorn, themed sweets and butterbeer

 for each future witch or wizard.


The great Hall ( hanger) has a handpicked soundtrack as the muggles enter, and all you need to do is provide the media device to show your favourite harry potter film.

The set up includes: Robes, ties, and wands for each child, which they will be able to pick when they arrive for the duration of their experience.

Your experience includes:

- wizard house robes, wands and ties for each child or adult for the duration of the experience

-special effects on the 200" screen

-honeydukes sweet emporium including popcorn, popcorn machine & holders

-Platform 9 3/4 photo opportunity & props

-Wizard themed house snug to watch your boxset

-Butterbeer for each witch or wizard

-Calibration to your chosen media device

Please note each set up takes around 4 hours to set up.

This experience is limited 

Ex p e c t  o     p r o t r o n u m

Thanks for submitting!

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