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Attack on New York

Guests are welcomed with the scenes and special effects from the attack on New York just after the Avengers have taken control back from Loki and his borrowed Chitahuri army.

You are then able to strike an ‘Avengers pose in front of battle scenes from New York, choosing which avenger they want to be! Before they take a visit to Stark Enterprises to stock up on their retro American sweets & ‘corn before setting down to their chosen superhero film.


Our Marvel inspired experience includes:


1 night hire of our Super screen immersive cinema – 200” super screen – The Hanger

Seating & snug for with blankets.

Sound effects & disaster scenes on the super screen – special effects

Stark Enterprises – American Retro Sweetie Stall – Retro popcorn machine, popcorn holders, retro sweets + sweetie bags, intermission tray, movie sign with plasma for special effects

Attack on New York Photo Opportunity with Avenger props

Full set up and staging and interior mood lighting

Please note each set up takes around 4 hours to set up.

This experience is limited 

Ja r  vi  s   a r e   y o u   t h e r e  ?

Thanks for submitting!

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